My hometown

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Greetings!  For those of you who remember, this blog is being revived from one of mine from many years ago.  I killed it, and rightfully so, because after awhile I figured out that, oh, only about five people will want to read tales of an Oklahoma housewife and her little girl on a regular basis.  But now I'm back, folks!  With new and interesting things to discuss.  I've developed a recent passion for essential oils and would like to share with you my ongoing education regarding them and also any testimonies from my family and friends concerning how well they work.  I really do want to help others learn about oils and start using them in place of over-the-counter and prescription medication when possible.  My other passions include good food, cooking, children and music, so you can expect occasional posts on those topics as well.

Let's get a few things straight right out of the gate, shall we?

1) I am not a medical practitioner and make no claim to be.  Any information I give on essential oils and their benefits is based on my own personal experience and those of people close to me.  I will also use some information and testimonies from others I have never met before, but only from trustworthy, credible sources.  And trust me, I'm picky and skeptical.

2) I'm not a hippie, so please don't write me off before we even get started.  I wear Dove deodorant despite the aluminum concern, get nervous at the thought of reusable diapers, and regularly forget to recycle.  I'm just a woman who tries to mostly stick to all things natural...and my recent introduction to essential oils has truly blown my mind. 

Looking forward to posting!  Love to all.